A story about a red coral ring

A story about a red coral ring. I don’t remember watching a scene in which movie. The male protagonist set up a sand sculpture castle on the beach, and a diamond ring appeared at the right time with the sound of the waves. He told the heroine: ‘I am going to have a home, and this ring is the key to this family. I hope that you accept my invitation and live in this home forever cheap cartier wedding ring. The key you have to collect, lose, you can’t go home. The girl laughed, but did not answer. I also have a ring that I used to have. Not surprisingly, it should now lie in a corner of my last home. I know where it is, but I can’t find it anymore. This form of throwing things makes me feel very lost. It is like who you met. You know his whereabouts very well. You know that he will go to the studio at two o’clock in the afternoon, he will finish work at seven o’clock, and he will not play games in the house at night. It is to look at the work, but no longer deliberately take the road he wants to go, create an occasional encounter, and greet the reasons for a few words. Everything that appears in my life is so full of spirituality. They seem to have their own way to go. They have their own blessings to enjoy, and they have their own debts. When I came, I couldn’t refuse it. I couldn’t keep it if I wanted to leave. When I first got it, it was a summer. The craftsman cast the bottom with silver and embedded a small red coral ring. Then make some extremely simple decorations on both sides, live. He handed it to me without lifting his head: ‘Oh, yours.’ I put the right hand of the middle finger in the ring into his delicate and warm hands. I said, ‘Look, it looks like a key.’ He laughed too, and he did not answer. This world has its own fate, I always think. Even on the day it disappeared, I was as usual. I rushed out like a daunting, meeting, rushing, planning, and going home to drink tea at night, as if nothing had happened, as if the sun marks on my hands had nothing to do with it. I am always blind and confident in the wrong things. I know that it falls in a corner of this apartment. I thought it was the same as in the past. I don’t know which day it will be drilled. It is as if we know that there will always be some inexplicable contradictions between people and people. We always look forward to solving them in a way that is not solved. If you live long enough, it might work, for example, I thought I would stay in this room all the time. One day after moving for a long time, I checked the keys, wallet, iPad, necklace, ring before going out. Ah, it has long been lost. I have collected my mind. Later, I fell in love with the rain, punching, laughing, giving names to flowers and plants. I am used to sitting on the right side of the bus in the last row of the bus, covering the ever-growing belly with a bag or hand. I gradually got used to drinking American coffee, and I was so painstaking in my heart. I wandered around, alone, and always refused to admit that I lost the ring. I thought that the stability I had built for a long time was a big tree. I laughed and roared around it, but I never walked out of its shade. And it did send me, and I did it when I didn’t care, and left when I didn’t care. This world has its own fate. This shade is also, I always comfort myself. I have not bought one more, the same process of different facets. I didn’t carelessly store it. I saw it at the counter and took it back to my new home and lived in the old jewelry box. But it did not live up to expectations, the casting process was too much, and it was cut several times after it was adjusted. I suddenly realized that it didn’t look like anything, so I could do anything. I tried to get some of my hands over, or to pick up some other rings, but I never bought red corals. Recently, I have had another thought, but after repeated comparisons, I sighed Fake Cartier Juste Un Clou Ring. ‘You have to collect the keys, you will lose them, you will not be able to return home.’

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