Let’s talk about Cartier, of course, it is not enough to rely on legend

Let’s talk about Cartier, of course, it is not enough to rely on legend. In this age of technology, it is necessary to come up with some killers! The three-dimensional effect created by real gold and white diamonds is to look more stereoscopic! A ‘successful’ cheetah not only pays attention to the proportion and position of each facial features. More need to be from the details of the claws to the inlay of the gems. Especially the seemingly random but well-placed ‘spots’, polygons, triangles or diamonds, fit the cheetah’s muscle tissue, the little cheetah is moving! How hard it is to think of how the diamonds make the fur, let people think I am amazed that Cartier has a ‘fur’ inlay secret! The cheetah spots are inexplicably exquisite. This inlay is especially suitable for the cheetah theme, and the tiny gold wire flattened on the gemstone tightly embraces the gemstone to vividly reproduce the cheetah fur. In addition to this, there is also a unique mosaic method combined with honeycomb openwork, sculpture-studded diamonds, decorated with onyx or cabochon sapphires. This technique keeps the paving works intact and continuous, and does not cause any damage to the animal image. The underlying metal disappeared, and the dynamic effects were still vivid. To complete the final animal styling, the jeweler also needs to assemble the joints together. Sculpture, casting, arranging jewels, inlays, splicing animal joints, it is said that the creation process of some works takes more than a year. Of course, this cheetah is so famous, it must be the hottest darling of the upper class and the fashion circle. In addition to being able to enter the room and enter the door of the world palace aristocrats, it is also the ‘guardian beast’ of many stars.

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