lived with him Fake Cartier Juste Un Clou Ring

There used to be a pair of men and women who fell in love, and one day they strolled down the street. Suddenly, the girl stopped at a jewelry store and watched a carat of light in the window for a long time. When the boy came to her, the girl said: I have one Cheap Amulette de Cartier Ring, that’s good? The boy walked over and saw more than 10,000. The boy glared at the girl and walked away, but the girl’s eyes still looked back at the necklace. Since then, the relationship between boys and girls seems to be much colder, many dates, boys are not late or the clothes are not well-dressed. Three months have passed, and the girl’s 20th birthday has arrived. The girl has invited many good friends, classmates and relatives. But the boy has not arrived yet. When the candle was blown, the boy came in, his body was a little dirty, and his hair was a little messy. In the eyes of many people, the girl’s face is red, and the hand cutting the cake is a bit messy. The boy, his face is also red, his eyes are a little bloodshot, he went to the girl and whispered a sentence: Happy birthday! Then carefully pull out a sparkling necklace from the pocket, the necklace of the carat light in the window. The girl’s face began to glow, her eyes began to shine, and she kissed the boy with excitement and flaunted her necklace around her neck. The girl’s friend, relatives, made a burst of exclamation, and they all began to envy the girl. At this time, the boy blushes and whispers to the girl: It is fake, it took me three months to do it. The girl’s face was red again, and she quickly took it and put it in her pocket, and then went to greet her guests. The boy was drunk and cried that day, and finally he left sadly. Since then, the girl has ignored the boy. A year later, the girl met a handsome rich man and lived with him Fake Cartier Juste Un Clou Ring. The man gave her a gold and silver dress every day for a year. When the girl became pregnant, the man started giving money to make her useless and later disappeared. The girl did not want to find the entire city, and finally had no money. The girl had to take all the gold and silver jewelry that the man had given her before. When the pawnshop took the things and looked at them, they said: How are all fake, worthless, take away and take away. When the girl heard it, it was like a thunderous thunder, and almost fainted. When she was tearfully packing up the goods, the boss suddenly said: Slow. Pick up a necklace in my hand and say: This is good, how much do you want to be? When the girl saw the necklace, it was the one that the boy sent, and it was her birthday present. The girl finally understood what the boy’s necklace was made with three months. The necklace represents the boy’s blood and sweat and represents a sincere heart. Her heart stirred a strong shock, she cried, crying very sad. She picked up the necklace and cried and ran out of the pawn shop.

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