the condition that Cartire must be born within six months

As a focal point in the spotlight, his personal life is equally wonderful, and is called “the sexiest gay man in the world” by movie star Rita Wilson. On the cover of vanity fair, he left Kayla Knightley and Scarlett Johnson on the right. The beauty is still a cool and arrogant expression. The famous fashion designer, who is famous for his daring and position, has joined hands with 2 people. After knowing that, two people fell into the river and stayed together almost every night. Three years later, two men cohabitation, many people will be moved by this wonderful love. When the reporter was invited to Tom’s home and asked “your most yuan”, Tom turned back to his house and pulled out his boyfriend and dog and filmed “we are a happy family”. It was in 2013^ April that he finally made up with the gay couple and ended the nearly 27 years’ long-distance running.


1994, the Gucci group was on the brink of bankruptcy, and the lawyer’s origin took off the hot potato and used a brilliant designer, Tom. Ford. At that time, many people inside Gucci didn’t like Tom Ford, and even more, they said, “Tom Ford is a jinx!” “In a disputed voice, Gucci left Tom and appointed him as the creative director of Gucci, on the condition that Cartire must be born within six months. Tom Ford took the task, but everything started from scratch.

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