The infighting of the Gucci family aroused interest in the entertainment industry

The infighting of the Gucci family aroused interest in the entertainment industry, so the good food dock began to make movies on Gucci family matters. The director has taken the Ridley Scott, the gladiator and the American Gangster, and is said to be a star array.

Including Angelina Julie and Dicaprio. Gucci, which has been reborn and returned to the top of the luxury world, will not make a smooth film and blacken the brand, and they have protested on many occasions. Coincidentally, the film’s progress is not smooth, the film director Ridley Scott’s brother Toni? Scott killed himself, Ridley sorrowfully, at the same time withdrawing the group. Later, Ridley’s daughter Jordan Scott took over her father’s work as director of the film, but the release and broadcast were still far from being expected.

Who saved the sluggish Dynasty

The upper class society has always paid the most attention to the background of buying products. The scandalous Gucci seems to have violated the warning line in the management of luxury brands. Maybe it is an arrangement in the dark. Tom, the soul of Gucci, emerged. Ford has a good taste from the E of the feathers, and is more excited by its fans. He is a star like handsome, sexy, sexy, star – like exposure and concern. He is a Gucci’s live sign, attracting countless female consumers to the Gucci store for a thousand gold.

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